Dragon gets Spiked and Named

I am continuing work on my seeing-eye dragon for A Somewhat Secret Place exhibit.  I decided fabric was just too soft for the spikes so I made them out of Creative Paperclay.  I found a perfect shade of gold paint and an iridescent glaze.


I sculpted them over coat-hanger wires that would anchor them in the body.  I put little holes in the bottom to stitch them down — I thought that would look neat.  I painted and glazed them.  But when I attached them, they just looked wrong — like she’s wearing a series of party hats.

Not quite the look I was after

It’s funny how what you see in your head is rarely what you can recreate in with your hands.  I got the Paperclay back out and used the spikes to create a more integrated looking spine.  It’ll take a day or so to dry then I can repaint it.

clay smoothes things out

While I was working I decided to name her Aurora.  I think that’s a good dignified name for a dragon who is serving as someone’s vision and is a source of power.

She has a little attitude, too

Next I’ll make the wings, paint the spine then add any needed ornamentation demanded by a well presented dragon.

I’ve already cut out her companion, Iris — and found the prism beads for her eyes.

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