Joy Murray Art

All of my art is painted with acrylic paint and ink on stretched canvas unless otherwise noted.

Prints and cards are available for some of my paintings on Redbubble.  Some are too big or complicated for good prints, but I try to make as many possible available.  Postcards are only $2.00, so there is something for every budget.   If you’re interested in purchasing any of the originals that haven’t sold, please contact me at joyzmailbox @


In Recovery, 20×16″, Mixed Media
The Kiss (Part of the Look Closer series) 24×28″ acrylic and ink
Still Life Awakening, 8×10″ acrylic and ink
Stop All Wars, 8×10″ acrylic and ink
Billy, by Joy Murray 8×10″, Mixed Media
When I dream of you by Joy Murray, 8×10″, acrylic and ink


Winter Blooms 8×10
Her Secret Colors Revealed 20×24
She Came Back as a Tree, 20×24″
Queen Night Pollinator, 8×10″
She Unlocked Her Door, from the Look Closer Series, Disability and Sensuality, 20×24″
Ever After, from the Look Closer: Disability and Sensuality series, 20×24″
Inside Joy, 5×7″
The Color of Air, from the Look Closer Series: Disability and Sensuality, 20×14″
Mandusa, 30×40″
How the Earth and Sky Conversed 8×10″
Heart of Oak 8×10″
Lou Bond, Memphis Musician 8×10″
Etheridge Knight, Memphis Poet 8×10″
Things Still Bloom, 8×10
The Moon Flower, 8×10″
September Moon, 8×10″
Moonflower in Nandina, 5×7″
Moonflower Dreams, 8×10″
Moondance, 8×10″
Embrace the Moon, 8×10″


Spring in our Hearts by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Tree of Exuberant Dreams II by Joy Murray
Tree of Exuberant Dreams by Joy Murray, 24×36″ Textured red paper attached to canvas, acrylic paint and ink, imitation gold foil
Resurrection of Bones by Joy Murray and Timothy Allen – a collaboration between my son and me. He did the back ground and the white shapes, I did the floral work and poem, 5×12″
When We Are Ghosts by Joy Murray, 8×10″
New Wheels by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Gingko Leaf by Joy Murray, 9×12″ acrylic and pencil on paper
Respect One Another, 5×7″
Hard Headed by Joy Murray, 5×7″
Point of Departure by Joy Murray 24×18″
Her Fire Grew by Joy Murray, 5×7
Sacred Light by Joy Murray, 5×7″
Rosie the Risk Reducer by Joy Murray, 8×10
Rosie the RN by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Not Part of the Plan by Joy Murray, 5×7″
Stardust by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Clematis by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Sweet Magnolia Blossom by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Her Fire by Joy Murray, 5×7″
To Feel Safe by Joy Murray, 5×7″
Scars by Joy Murray, 5×7″
Synapsis 2 by Joy Murray, 8×10″. This was made with thick acrylic paint that I made a monoprint with, pressing two canvases together, then going back and forth pressing different color. When dry I painted over the textures and created the poem.
Synapsis 1 by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Synapsis paintings back with the poem printed out
Flying Turtle by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Hibiscus by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Dream Forest by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Acorn by Joy Murray 4×3″
Abundance by Joy Murray, 2 panels 36×18″, handmade gold infused paper attached to canvas
Planted Blues by Joy Murray, 20×18″
The Gift by Joy Murray, Acrylic on Panel, collaboration with Tim Allen who painted the background
It’s Complicated by Joy Murray, 20×16″
Afterwards by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Pink Hyacinths by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Yin Yang in Motion by Joy Murray, 8×10″
Am I Blue by Joy Murray 5×7″
Space Case by Joy Murray, 5×7″


He Went to the Garden, 5×7″, acrylic and ink, sold
Hungry Ghost, 5×7″, acrylic and ink, sold
Sinus City, 5×7″, acrylic and ink, sold
More Confusing, 5×7″, acrylic and ink, sold
IMG_20190821_0001 (2)
Maria Y Jesus, 8×10″, mixed media
Is There a Color that Would Make Me Safe, 5×7″, acrylic and ink, sold
Let Your Dreams Guide You, 5×7″, Acrylic and ink, sold
Our Crosses to Bear, acrylic, 8×10″ SOLD
The Most Blooms, acrylic, 8×10″, sold
Maxine’s Hibiscus, 8×10″ acrylic and ink, sold
Buried Blues, acrylic and ink, 8×10″, sold
Do Trees Dream
Do Trees Dream?  8×10″ acrylic and ink, sold
Your Soul Grows with You, 16×20″, mixed media, $200. SOLD
Transition, 8×10″, acrylic and ink, $60.
Abundance, mixed media, 16×36″, sold
Never Alone, 16×20″,acrylicv and ink, sold
Under Control, mixed media, 16×20″  $200
Flying Dream, acrylic and ink, 16×20″, sold
Something About Your Light, for Frankd Robinson, 9×12″ acrylic and ink, sold
Flying Monkey Chair, acrylic and ink, 20×16″, sold
Admit I’m Right, 5×7″, acrylic and ink,  sold
Peer Pressure, quartet of 5×7″ canvases, acrylic and ink, sold
Unraveling, mixed media, 16×20″ $200.
No One Understands, acrylic and ink, 16×20″, sold
How Does Your Garden Grow, an Homage to Frankd Robinson, mixed media 16×20″, sold
Afterwards Nothing was the Same, detail, sold
20190414_114233 (2)
Afterwards Nothing was the Same, Mixed Media, 16×36″, sold
13 summer dreams
Summer Dreams, acrylic and ink, 8×10″, sold
10 skin tones (2)
How do you Mix Skin Tones, mixed media, 8×10″, sold
11 she exhales
She Exhales, acrylic and ink, 8×10″, sold
09 carnation on rainy day
Carnations on a Rainy Day, 8×10″, Acrylic on stretched canvas, sold
Some Days She Just Forgot to be Sad, 8×10″, Mixed Media $60


Self Portrait, Acrylic and Ink, 8×10″, sold
Shared Treasure, mixed media, sold
She Would Not Risk Sleep, watercolor and ink on paper, 7×10″
St. Foster, Keeper of Stolen Wisdom, Mixed Media, sold
The Frog Prince, Mixed Media, sold
Frog Prince commissioned by Clyde Jones
IMG_4421 (2)
The Universe Within – sold
IMG_4422 (2)
How Life Passed Through Me – sold
IMG_4423 (2)
She Never Knew What to Make of Her Own Unraveling, sold
Nothing Much Left  – sold
IMG_4431 (2)
Embrace the Moon – sold
IMG_4430 (2)
How We Dreamed Up Our Family Tree, sold
IMG_4429 (2)
How the Family Secrets are Shared, mixed media, 36″ squaare S200.
How the Family Secrets Are Shared (alternate view)
IMG_4427 (2)
Soldier Grew Strong As a Tree, mixed media, sold
IMG_4426 (2)
Vulnerable, sold
IMG_4425 (2)
Spring Reigns, $75
IMG_4424 (3)
Don’t Take My Sunshine Away – sold
print photo
The Fragile Nature of Delight, Acrylic and ink on canvas, (sold)


She Saw Things Differently, Mixed media, sold
already 3
Already he knew, mixed media on panel, sold
here comes the sun
Here comes the Sun, Acrylic on Canvas. 8×10″, sold
his future
His Future, watercolor and ink on paper, 7×10″, $50.
Moonflower, acrylic and ink, 12×36″, sold
magnolia pod
Magnolia Pod, Acylic and ink, 8×10″, sold
remember the future
Remember the future, Mixed media, sold
welcome autumn
Welcome Autumn, watercolor and ink on paper, sold
butterfly dream 3
Butterfly Dream, watercolor and ink on paper, sold
how will she 3
How Will She Bear the Weight of her Hair, Watercolor, Acrylic and ink, sold
Holding Space 2, Mixed Media, sold
She Let Go of All That, Mixed Media, sold
18034053_1689505717734130_3322423705159595438_n (2)
Sea Turtle, framed by Stephney Huff, sold
one day 3
One Day She recognized her Own Power, Mixed media, sold