Little Madonnas — An Illustrated Story

I have been writing stories for many years now.  I’ve also been making art for many years. It has finally occurred to me to combine the two impulses and create some illustrated stories.  I was inspired by the response I got from my post Pencil Man to start with the stories I’ve written (and have yet to write) about using public transportation.  They are my “Adventure in Transit.”

I hope you can read the scans okay.  I created the spreads on paper just a tad too large for my scanner, but I used wide margins, so all the text shows.

I haven’t linked up to Paint Party Friday in quite some time because I’ve been too busy to really participate in the blog  hop, but I’m going to link this up.  If you want to see lots of creative work, follow the links and enjoy a visual feast.

Let me know what you think.