Little Madonnas — An Illustrated Story

I have been writing stories for many years now.  I’ve also been making art for many years. It has finally occurred to me to combine the two impulses and create some illustrated stories.  I was inspired by the response I got from my post Pencil Man to start with the stories I’ve written (and have yet to write) about using public transportation.  They are my “Adventure in Transit.”

I hope you can read the scans okay.  I created the spreads on paper just a tad too large for my scanner, but I used wide margins, so all the text shows.

I haven’t linked up to Paint Party Friday in quite some time because I’ve been too busy to really participate in the blog  hop, but I’m going to link this up.  If you want to see lots of creative work, follow the links and enjoy a visual feast.

Let me know what you think.

Home Sickness


Deltas, bluffs, sandbars, mooring, buoys, piers, driftwood

I miss the Mississippi, I wish I could float on home.

It was never a blue river.  The rivers here in Portland are earthy, too.  Still, the brown waters of the Mississippi were a great comfort when I was blue.  I remember taking the bus downtown and walking  over to the river view at Confederate Park.  I sat on a park bench next to the old cannons, wondering if I’d ever launch.

If I was more energetic, I could go down to the water’s edge and put my feet in it — usually touching it was enough.  Often seeing it was enough.  The flow — the rolling along.

I wanted so badly to get out of  Memphis.  Now that I’m firmly rooted here in the Northwest — where other rivers roll along & carry away my blues — I pine for it all the time.  The place itself seems like magic — but I miss my sister, my family, all the beautiful friends I have there.

Is autumn the time of universal longing for home?

My rivers are the Mississippi & Wolf
rivers run through me,
all rivers run to oceans
I dream of floating
more than I dream 
of flying
floating is an easier dream
I can do it while still
to fly 
I will first have 
to die

Home is an idea — an illusion that weighs heavily on my heart, that floats like a raft in my stream

Lost Sketchbook

I illustrated this sketchbook/journal in January and February to enter in the Rozelle Artists Guild’s  Project Sketchbook in Memphis, Tennessee.  I spent the first 46 years of my life there before moving to Portland in 2006.  The sketchbooks are hand-stitched by the Guild.  Mine was lost in the mail and has yet to be found, so I wasn’t a part of the show after all.  They are having an Encore Viewing of the books tonight, May 18th, so I thought I’d do an encore post of my digital copies of it. (Note added 5/19: I just got a comment from my friend and artist Mary Jo Karimnia that the sketchbook has been found and is on display.  Yay!  It kind of fits my turtle personality — I’m slow, but I get there.)

Inside cover
Page 3
Add caption

Rivers of procrastination
Jungle of Memory
Valentine crayons & ink
Back inside cover — I repeated my name because they had me listed as Jay Corcoran
The display itself is kind of cool.  They had the sketchbooks on the wall so you can browse through them.  Mine, however, you can only see here on line.  The original is composting quietly in some post office.  I understand a few others were lost and they’re reorganzing their entry system.  The ones that made it now have a special survival magic about them!
 The Encore show is here:
Come out to our old warehouse at 822 Rozelle St. for an encore viewing of this year’s Project Sketchbook submissions! Over 100 sketchbooks will be on display 6-9p tonight & 2-5p Saturday. Donors can pick up their perks, sweet ass Project Sketchbook shirts, buttons & catalogs will be for sale, and if you so desire, you can cut your sketchbook down and take it with you.