The Sweetness of Winter

When I was a child and our family was still intact, we always got tangerines in our Christmas stockings. Tangerines and oranges are ingrained in my subconscious as the taste of winter. They are also my favorite fruit year around. I tend to go for mandarins these days, though navel oranges are my favorite. I get them in those red mesh bags and I eat one or two everyday with breakfast.

I have a photographer friend who has made some wonderful photographs of that red mesh, abstracting and adding mystery to it. I decided to try to do that with a painting, embedding it in different colors, painting over it, snipping it up into collage pieces, but all I ever made was a mess. Finally, I decided just to paint some mandarins and apply the mesh on top. Closer to realism and fun to create. This the result:

The Sweetness of Winter by Joy Murray, 8×10″, mixed media

It was fun to create a painting that made me smile, after so many that didn’t. And delicious image to start the new year.


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4 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Winter

  1. Love this Joy! This is my taste, look, feel and smell of the holiday day also. SANtA always left one in the toe of our Christmas stockings. I had some left around this time of year when Althea brought a friend from Russia here. She was so excited to see the tangerines. It was her favorite memory of a special holiday she celebrated as a child. It seemed like a miracle at the time! Still does. Happy New Yeat Joy!💖

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