Ah, the Subtropical Winter

What happens on a pretty regular basis here in Memphis in winter, is that it rains, then freezes, then melts or rains again, and freezes again. So we get covered in ice. The streets and sidewalks get slippery. It’s hard to put salt down on the roads because the rain washes it away.

That’s what’s happening now in Memphis and in a lot of the Mid-South and surrounding areas. Our beautiful old (and not so old) trees get weighed down with ice and shed branches. Some whole trees fall over. They knock out powerlines and we lose heat and electricity. Street lights are out; roads are slippery and dangerous.

Today’s storm has knocked out power for most of the area I live in, but I’m one of the lucky ones so far. I still have heat and electricity, and even internet. But until the icy weather clears, I’m stuck in the house.

My exit ramp is covered with ice and sludge and branches

I’ve had lots of calls from friends to see if I needed help. I got a few errands taken care of that way. We’re hoping this particular aspect of winter ends soon. But until it does, it’s good to know friends and family have my back.

It also makes me very glad to have not only art, but plants, in the apartment. So even in all this dreary February weather, a bit of a garden still grows.

My little studio garden. A hyacinth is in bloom and makes the apartment smell sweet, but it’s so top heavy it’s growing on its side.

Stay warm and safe, y’all. And keep a little garden in your soul.


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