In 2019, I created this painting after a discussion of abundance and how we define it, that most of us have more abundance than we recognize because we define it so narrowly.

Abundance, by Joy Murray, 12×36″ acrylic and ink on handmade paper

I had the tree root floating and the figure more rooted to the ground.

I sold it at a open studio art show, but another friend wanted it. So I agreed to do another one. She wanted to hang it in beside her front door. We decided we that two would be better, and I could paint a sort of homage to her two daughters.

I’ve been working on them off and on for about a year now, because the pandemic started and all manner of troubles became apparent in my country. I was blocked and unable to come to terms with all the discord going on about politics, race, health and safety.

But I’ve finally started painting again and finished this commission.

Abundance 2 and 3 by Joy Murray
Abundance 2, by Joy Murray, 12×36″ acrylic on handmade paper mounted on canvas

Here are details from Abundance 2:

Abundance 3, by Joy Murray, 12×36″ acrylic on handmade paper mounted on canvas

Working with handmade paper is always a challenge. The paper on Abundance 3 buckled a lot more than on 2, but both my client and I liked it. It gives a bit of visual animation as well as shows signs of the work. On these, the tree is rooted and the girls are growing from that root.

I’m glad to get them finished and am looking forward to seeing them installed in my clients home.

I also feel that my “block” has been broken and I will paint more easily now. The fatigue of recent life as well as the fatigue of my disability seem to have abated enough that I get a few hours a day of clear headedness.

Stay tuned for more art work.


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4 thoughts on “Abundance

  1. Abundance is such an apt name. Thank you for the closeups. What a treasure for your friend and her daughters. ♥️

    Sent from my iPhone


    1. I’m so sorry to hear this Jessica. i hope you’re getting proper rest and healing. I’ll pray for you. I get a test tomorrow because I’m’ scheduled for an outpatient surgical procedure. I will be holding space in my heart and praying for you. Love joy

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