Synapses Painting

This is the second of a painting that is a kind of mono-print. I put on thick lines of acrylic paint, then pressed another canvas on top of it. I let it dry and put on multiple layers of paint with my fingers and a brush. I finished the first one in March, when I had my last art show, just as the pandemic was starting. It sold though, so I was happy.

Synapses Dance, by Joy Murray, acrylic paint and ink on canvas, 8×10″

I finally finished the second one for a client who saw the first and wanted one for herself. I can’t get them exactly the same, but that’s how you know it’s handmade art.

Synapses 2 by Joy Murray

My synapses went awandering to a place I'd forgotten
where all language was a dance
and I was happy
but I didn't know why

I think I’ll use this technique for creating texture in future paintings. I like the way the pulling apart of the canvases make branch and root shapes.


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