Rosie Tackling Covid 19

I have a postcard of Rosie the Riveter on my kitchen wall.  And it gave me an idea of making a strong woman character for Covid 19.  When I sketched her in my sketchbook, she was too nurse like:


And I wanted her to look like anyone, not necessarily just a health worker, so I painted this, which you’ve seen:

Rosie the Risk Reducer, by Joy Murray, 8×10″

As the weeks have gone by and I see all these health workers being so brave and helping educate people.  They’re even standing up to protesters who don’t believe in the virus, or they don’t believe they’ll get sick.

So I went back to my original idea, with a few changes:

Rosie the RN, by Joy Murray 8×10″


I’ve seen a lot of illustrations and photographs honoring health care workers, so this is one more.  All we have to do is follow a few protocols and wear masks and gloves to be heroes during this time.  I know it’s hard, and a lot of people are hurting for money and food.   It’s a worldwide crisis that hasn’t been handled well.  But we have dedicated people who are working to heal us and to keep us from ever getting sick in the first place.

I hope you stay safe and thank you for the precautions you’re taking.


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