Strange Days and Dandelions

A few days before we got the orders to all wear masks, I went down the street to get some things from the drug store.  About a block from my apartment, I was joined by a very talkative guy.  Unless they feel threatening, I don’t have a problem talking with strangers, even those who seem a little abnormal.  I have mental illness in my family and in my self, so I just don’t get alarmed unless there’s a reason.  I do steel myself against requests for money, and I have a few protection devices, so I feel safe enough.

Turns out, this guy was going to the drug store, too.  I didn’t have to worry about making conversation, he could carry it off all by himself.  He carried a shopping bag full of stuff, and a pair of white shoes with what looked like red springs in the soles.  I soon realized he had a compulsion to pick things up.   He picked dandelions for me from a vacant lot. He followed me around the store a bit and I was getting worried that I’d have to seek out the manager, but eventually he was distracted by someone else, so I got my stuff and came home.

I’ve been meaning to do a visual journal post about him, but though I have all the time in the world, I can’t seem to get much done.  I am trying to spend some time drawing each day.  So here’s my story or that day, whatever day it was, in the month of whatever on the date of whenever.  I let him speak for himself…

I did NOT put the dandelions in my hair, but in a pocket on the outside of my purse.

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