Conspiracy Theories

I spent the weekend researching conspiracy theories about the Corona virus/Covid 19.  As I read through some of them, I felt my heart breaking a bit.  Many of us have hoped that this international crisis would somehow unify us.  We have this common enemy, we have helpers of all sorts trying to keep it under control.  We’ve had an almost miraculous cooperation between countries, states and communities.

But it turns out we’re not as indivisible as I’d hoped.  We don’t have a common enemy we have all kinds of theories and anger.

We’ve started seeing demonstrations to re-open the country.  Is it time yet?  Isn’t it because we’re staying at home that the curve is flattening?  Is the curve flattening?

A lot of people are suffering and the government seems to be dragging it’s feet in helping small business and individual workers.  So, of course, we are vulnerable to theories no matter how bizarre they sound.

Visual journal trying out new watercolor markers.  The color on the lips bled, so it looks like lipstick is caught in wrinkles — a common look for someone my age.

I generally don’t watch the news, but I see clips from it on Facebook.  I heard one protester say “We want to go back to work, we don’t want government handouts.”  It irritated me because it’s not the government’s money.  It’s our money, collected by taxes, and there to be used when we have a national crisis.  Also, to make our country a better place to live.

But the way things are said can significantly alter the way a person perceives a situation.  And bleeding heart liberals like me aren’t getting the same kind of information that these people are getting.  They’re being told different stories, fed different kinds of fear.  And also a kind of insider “intelligence” that the mainstream isn’t getting, which gives them confidence in the cause.

I’m not going to talk about any of the conspiracies, and I don’t really recommend researching it if you’re prone to depression.  I also don’t want anyone to write comments about conspiracy theories of their own.  I do think it’s important to look at the information other people are getting.

I was really angry when I saw the protests where white men were openly carrying assault weapons because if it were Black people, it would have led to a violent response by the police.  And if had been Chinese people objecting to COVID 19 continuing to be called the Chinese virus?

So, I strolled around the neighborhood in my wheelchair, I processed, I thought about my fellow humans, feeling angry that we can’t agree on anything.  Then I got distracted by someone’s garden.  By the time I got home, I was calmer.

bleeding hearts in bleeding marker and pencil

I say my religion is kindness and my greatest power is love.  I let a sense of gratitude wash over me for all those on the frontline who are treating the sick, those who are staying home, those who are selling groceries, those who are delivering packages.  It’s amazing that even though we’re divided and in crisis, most of us are working to keep people safe and healthy.

I sent some love to all those who are so frightened that it’s made them protest this new normal that we really haven’t figured out yet.  I hope they all get food, housing and medical care.  I hope they don’t use those guns.

Love Never Fails by Frankd Robinson, and Bee sticker by Gwenn Seemel

There’s no reason that they should fill my mind and heart with more fear or anger or hate.

I sent them a quick blessing, and going forward I’ll do what Mister Rogers recommended and focus on the helpers.

There are so many heroes in this Covid 19 story, so many helpers.  My mind and heart is on them.  They make me proud to be human.




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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy Theories

  1. Your words strike to the heart of what so many don’t see: “because it’s not the government’s money. It’s our money, collected by taxes, and there to be used when we have a national crisis. Also, to make our country a better place to live.” I love your posts. Yes, let’s focus on the helpers. Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much. It’s such a strange time. We really have to work to stay calm and see clearly. Focusing on the helpers, well, it just helps. Glad you like my posts!

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