Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

I recycle a lot of canvases.  I had a lot when I left Portland because I mentored children in art.  They would paint and paint, then give up and wouldn’t want to even look at the canvas — especially the older kids.  I painted over one with a dark phthalo blue and the paint puckered and cracked.  I wasn’t sure I could paint over it and have the paint stay on the canvas.  So I set it aside.  Then, in a bit of inspired thinking outside the canvas, I decided to slash it open.  I painted the back yellow then peeled it back and stapled it open.  It took a few months to decide what to put in the open space, but I think I came up with a good way to use it.

My camera isn’t taking good photos these days.  Also my hands aren’t as steady as they once were.  So I made a little film to show this one.  The lighting still isn’t great, but I think you’ll get an idea of what it looks like.

(I didn’t glue the smaller canvas to the larger one, I used a staple gun. Glue wouldn’t hold it.)

The Family Trees Exhibit will be here in Memphis, on Saturday March 3 from 4-8, at Crosstown Arts, 430 N Cleveland.  I hope you can stop by.

my sunshine
This is the original sketch done in pencil and watercolor.  I cut repainted it in acrylics for brighter color then collaged it to the canvas.  

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One thought on “Don’t Take My Sunshine Away

  1. The video showcased your piece well, particularly since it was essentially 3Dimensional – nice! Best wishes on your show with Tim!

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