Health Update

I just wanted to post a brief health update after my post in January, Are We There Yet?

I got the results of my nerve conduction test (which was a very annoying and painful test.)  No good news on my lower body, but there was no significant damage in my upper body.  I will still have symptoms of weakness if I over do it, or get too tired.  My doctor thinks the tremor in my hands is a sign of fatigue, but not of anything more severe.  (I was quite afraid I was going to get Parkinson’s in addition to my HSP.)  But there’s  no real evidence of that.  Also, the tremors have gone down significantly since I moved back to Memphis.  We think it’s because I’m not working as much.  Although I loved my work there, I tended to push myself because I did love the work so much.  Now I get more time to rest — and I’m surrounded by good friends to help me when I can’t quite manage.

I need to have another MRI to see if there’s any bulges in my lumbar spine that they may be able to correct and slow the weakening in my legs.  And perhaps prevent future sciatic nerve problems.

So, all in all, the future looks like less of challenge than I’d feared.  Although I did over do it one day and the next day couldn’t stand up at all.  But if I’m careful, I should be able to stand and walk (with a walker) for short periods, and I have enough nerve integrity that I should always be able to transfer from chair to chair and get in and out of bed by myself.  Which I think is great news.

I can still be a nervy woman.

Watch out, ya’ll.


6 thoughts on “Health Update

  1. Joy, you are a courageous woman. Hang in there. Keep making your beautiful art…it is a gift for all. Much love!

    1. I plan to keep making art as long as I can. When I was younger, I knew an artist who had quadriplegia and she drew and painted with her mouth. Very nice work, too. Small and precise. So I’m lucky to have good role models.

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