March 10 Daily Draw

One of the many benefits of doing this daily drawing practice, is that now I have to accept my mistakes, my wonky lines, my watercolor ineptness, and my imperfect handwriting. For years, I waited until I was really, really good at my art before I started sharing it, but it looks like I’m always going to be off-kilter.  I don’t even know what it means to be really, really good — it’s a transitory judgement that keeps shifting, depending on my mood.  So here is my drawing, complete with mistakes.  I hope you have some creative mistakes today, too.


I’m drawing daily to help manage depression, long-term disability, and life in general.  If you’d like to see the beginning of this project, you can see it here.  You can also follow me through WordPress or on Facebook.

Your thoughts and shares are appreciated.

6 thoughts on “March 10 Daily Draw

  1. Straight lines, perfection…highly overrated! 😄 I love your vibrant, colorful, lively art, Joy.

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