Drawing Depression #21

Though this is my 21st post from my depression recovery journal, it’s my 30th drawing.  The first few posts had multiple entries.  When I started I hadn’t planned to share it, but now that I have, I feel that it was a good thing to do.  I’ve deeply appreciated the response I’ve gotten.  There’s something comforting about knowing I’m not the only one struggling with this strange disorder that is so hard to define.

After a month of daily focused drawing, I’ve developed the habit and I look forward to continuing with it.  It’s been so helpful to “out” myself, and to try to come up with some way of uplifting myself everyday.

Thanks to everyone for your support.  Today is International Women’s Day, so I drew an homage to my favorite woman:


I’m drawing daily to help manage depression.  If you’d like to see the beginning of this project, you can see it here.  You can also follow me through WordPress or on Facebook.

Your thoughts and shares are appreciated.

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