Drawing Depression #8

I didn’t get a chance to draw yesterday.  Wednesdays I have a full schedule mentoring children and participating in community activities. Before I went on medicine, part of my self treatment for depression was to make sure I spent time volunteering and being involved in the lives of other.  Depression causes me to want isolation, so I try  to make ways to keep that from happening.  When I’m up, I make commitments that are hard to break when I’m down.  Although I have nothing against taking a day off when I’m really low, having meaningful interaction with others becomes a strong motivator.  Now that I’m back on meds, I’m struck by how much more I enjoy these commitments.  That undercurrent of weariness gets washed away in the good company of others.


I’m drawing daily to help manage depression.  If you’d like to see the beginning of this project, you can see it here.  You can also follow me through WordPress or on Facebook.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

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