Drawing Depression #5

Sometimes I like to paint a page in my journal and then try to pick out shapes that occur within it.  Watercolor is so washy and unpredictable it always inspires me.  I painted this page a week ago and drew on top of it today.

It’s hard to understand the difference between sadness and depression.  I went for a long time thinking I was sad, and I didn’t realize how deeply depressed I’d gotten.  I was functioning and even felt quite happy at times, but there was always a voice undermining me, always a feeling of fatigue and weariness, even if I didn’t show it.  I’d never act on the impulse to end my life, but the temptation is there, disguised as a solution.

Today’s drawing tries to illustrate this:


I’m drawing daily to help manage depression.  If you’d like to see the beginning of this project, you can see it here.  You can also follow me through WordPress or on Facebook.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

One thought on “Drawing Depression #5

  1. The “mask of depression.” It filters what we draw in as well as what we express outwardly. Apt image. I like your figure and colors, too. Thanks, Joy.

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