Drawing Depression #4

Today I got to work with children, making art out of recycled materials.  I’ve done this every year for 4 years now.  It’ll be my last year doing it, as I’m moving back to Memphis in May.  My life at Bridge Meadows has taught me so much.  Almost all the kids I work with have been in the foster care system but now are adopted.  To see how creative they can be, how playful and inventive — it’s been such a gift.

It felt good to be fully present in the workshop.  I was aware at how muted my feelings have been during the past few months.  Today the veil of depression was lifted, I was able to feel true delight as I watched children turn boxes into art.


I’m drawing daily to help manage depression.  If you’d like to see the beginning of this project, you can see it here.  You can also follow me through WordPress or on Facebook.

Your thoughts and comments are appreciated.

5 thoughts on “Drawing Depression #4

  1. You bring so much Joy to my children. Thank you for sharing your struggle. The shitty committee be damned. We need to share our battle, wins and those really bad days. I very much have enjoyed reading your posts. My battles are very similar. Some days it’s as if a sticky, gooey sour sap is cascading down my entire body and the ability to move is too tiring

    1. Your children bring me Joy, too. I think I’ve been ashamed of having depression, and this project is helping shed that. I know that it’s an illness, but I still go into denial about it. I hope all this rewires my feelings about it. It’s certainly been a blessing to get such thoughtful and kind responses. Take care and watch out for that gooey sap.

  2. What a great project–Box Meadows! Home and community. Important conversations with the Littles…and the Bigs too, if truth be told.

    Depression is sneaky that way. You don’t realize how it has dulled life until it abates. Glad to hear yours is slithering away. (How’s that for mixed images 😄)

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