Drawing Depression #2

I was delighted and humbled by the response to my post on doing a daily drawing as a way of coping with depression.  I’ve decided to try to post a drawing a day, with permission to skip a day if it becomes too challenging.  I’m posting 4 days.  I skipped Valentine’s day. Otherwise, this gets me up to date.  Hope to see you tomorrow.

I have transverse myelitis, a neurological disorder similar to multiple sclerosis.  I can still walk, but have to use a wheelchair when I’m going long distances.

(My fix-it guy came today, Feb 16, so I should have my wheels back tomorrow)


One of the side effects of my new anti-depressants is stomach woe.  It’s manageable most days, but not Monday.

I mentor children at Bridge Meadows in Portland, Oregon.  It’s an inter-generational community that supports families adopting children out of the foster care system.  I’ve lived here for 5 years, but will be moving back to my home town of Memphis at the end of April.  Until then, I continue to work with kids ages 5 to 12.



Thanks for reading my post.

If you missed my post about starting this project, you can read it here.

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