Spring Redemption

After working on deep cosmic backgrounds while I was illustrating the video for the band Mad July, Never Going Back to the Gravity, I’ve returned to simpler ideas.  I say I returned as if it were an easy process.  For this painting, Spring Redemption, I over worked the idea several times, and wasted much paper and paint, before I settled on a simple white background.  This idea started out as a pencil sketch in my journal and the finished piece has the sketchiness that was more in tune with that sketch — It has light.

Spring Redmeption, pencil and watercolor, 8.5×11″, Arches 300 lb cotton watercolor paper

Back of Spring Redemption

“In Spring, the camellias bloom all over Portland, Or, where I live. They start to flower in the winter but reach their height in the first weeks of Spring.  Their petals rain down everywhere — our paths are strew with petals — first camellias, then plum, cherry, and pear petals.  The camellias I like best have a yellow cup in the center — the stamen like a cup of light — a lantern in a bed of petals.  These flowers signal hope — a bit of redemption as impermanent and beautiful as life itself.”

This painting is for sale for $50. through my Etsy shop.

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