Never Going Back to the Gravity

I first became aware of the music of Dean Brantley Taylor when I was writing a blog called Chronically Inspired, on using the arts to rise above chronic health conditions.  He contacted me about his songwriting, which he carried on in spite of his health concerns — he’s the only musician I know who’s written songs about Chronic Fatigue.    Later he sent me links to work he was doing with his band Mad July.

Marc Blackwell, Dean B Taylor and Juliet Lyon

In December, he told me about a video project and asked if I’d like to do some illustrations for one of the songs on Mad July’s new CD Riding Gravity.  It’s a wonderful collection of music, with a gutsy sound and captivating lyrics. I liked the rocking sound of Never Going Back to the Gravity and I loved the lyrics which Juliet Lyons delivers beautifully.

Gravity and I have always had a contentious relationship, which I curse regularly from whatever patch of ground I happen to fall on.  I am also a daydreamer, and am often on flights of fancy that aren’t earthbound.  Flying through to new worlds and horizons captivated me.

I did a series of watercolors in a 6.5″ X 11″ size to fit the video format.  It took me about 3 months to complete — I was working on other jobs and I’m slow.  Dean was incredibly patient and he put together a smashing video that has now debuted.  You can see it on YouTube:

 I love how he animated things but the paintings themselves are given lots of time for their moment in the spotlight.

If you go to the Mad July Facebook page, comment and share the video, you’ll be entered into a contest to win: The Never Going Back to the Gravity original painting, a Mad July CD or a Mad July album download.  
And please share the video if you see fit.  We appreciate any support we can get.  

Remaining paintings from the video are  now for sale at my etsy shop, if you’re interested.   You can also contact me directly at joyzmailbox at

Thanks for stopping by and keep flying!

I’m linking this post to my friends at Paint Party Friday where there’s always lots of links for art. 

And thanks to my friends and neighbors at Bridge Meadows who provide me with inspiration and internet.

26 thoughts on “Never Going Back to the Gravity

  1. joy, your paintings are wonderful and fit right in the video so well. My old ears could not distinguish the words of the song except the last two lines about reality and the gravity. I'm sure it's just age but the background music drowns out the words for me. I loved seeing the paintings and how he animated them.

  2. Amazing….you should be so proud…this is a phenomenal video…I love how it turned out!! Your art fits in so perfectly…good job all around for everyone!!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. Uplifting art and lyrics. I was talking to my students today about dreaming I could fly. Your art helped my dream come true! I especially love the piece with the girl reaching up and touching the orange ball(moon? Sun? a planet?). Really cool animation! Congrats!

  4. I've never seen anything quite like this video and the way your remarkable paintings came alive with the wonderful music. Absolutely first rate. I love the painting here, it's so alive and full of happiness.

  5. Joy this is fabulous. Your talent deserves an outlet as wonderful as this.
    I too have a “relationship” with gravity. Ha ha ha. My nieces use to call me peacock woman from all the green and blue bruises. I am typing one handed today and not moving well at all, just wanted to thank you.
    Have a great weekend

  6. What a terrific project! And congratulations on seeing it through, my goodness. I will say if I might that some of the flashing light of the background in the video was a little hard on my eyes, but mine are sensitive. 🙂

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