A Poem for Memorial Day

Memorial Day
by Joy Murray

To those who marched off boldly
Determined to free the world,
To those who stumbled into service
Seeking a better life,
To those who could no longer sit
Anxiously in the sidelines,
To those who only wanted to stitch the
Wounded back together,
To those who fell because
They lived along
The quickest path
To victory,
We remember.  We regret.
We hope to not repeat.
Yet, even as we mourn,
A catchy tune
Lures us into war’s insatiable jaw.
I wish you peace in your after life.
A cool drink and quiet audience
For your story
And all eternity
To dream in peace.

3 thoughts on “A Poem for Memorial Day

  1. What a beautiful poem Joy. Excellent painting as well. I will dream in peace tonight.:) Hope your weekend was great. By the way I am closing my blog and having ia a closed blog and am in the process on sending the invites out and hopefully you'll accept. I'm doing this in order to avoid spammer's. This way only invited peoples can enter the blog and not total strangers. Thank you, take care.

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