Characters for June

After spending last month drawing a doodle a day, I decided to keep up the momentum and use my daily drawing time to work on figures, faces and characters.  I want to do cartoony characters, as well as more detailed drawings.  I swing from wanting to do highly realistic renderings to wanting to make quick energetic characters.  Then some days, who walks on to the page but a fish in boots. 

I usually draw every day anyway.  This is a way to focus and work on my problem areas.  I resisted joining a challenge because I want to be flexible and force my imagination to come up with a daily theme.  I’m not quite coming up with a daily theme, but so far, I’m bumbling along with the focused daily draw.

For the last doodle of May, I did this self portrait character:

Ink and colored pencil

The second day I drew from a photograph of a model in book. 

Pencil and colored pencil
Blue fine line sharpie

A girl in my neighborhood — pencil and colored pencil

Freckles are hard to make look like freckles aren’t they?  Sepia Micron

And today, a quick gesture at a community meeting in ball point pen

I was actually a little disappointed that no distinct anthromorphic character showed up in my head this week, but I got a copy of Bert Dodson’s Keys to Drawing from the Imagination and I feel like something interesting will pop into my head soon.  If you haven’t see this book, or his other one, Keys to Drawing, it’s a wonderful reference and has great exercises in it to help get your drawing and imagination muscles pumped up.  Keys to Drawing and Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory are responsible for making me think I could draw in the first place, so blame them.  Or better yet, start drawing and join the party.
I’m also working with an 89 year old friend of mine, Nita, to write a poem a day. Nothing grand, just a few lines on paper first thing in the morning.  It’s amazing what you can do once you set your mind to it and you have a friend checking up on you.  I’ll share a few poems before the month’s over. 
June’s going to be a great month!

11 thoughts on “Characters for June

  1. Great to see more of your drawings. I like the last quick gestural drawing a lot. I am going to have to check out those books you recommended.

  2. So much t o love here, your self portrait sheer delight! Great portraits and cartoony pics! Wonderful yellow bird in banana tree, oh, I meant banner!
    I too am inspired by Danny Gregory! Keep drawing you are doing great!

  3. Joy, no matter what you create, it is always amazing! I enjoy the different styles of your drawings. I hope that you will share your poetry with us as well.

  4. I love your cartoon self-portrait! And your imagination seems pretty vibrant to me – a fish in boots sounds hilarious. That sounds like a good book though and I hope you share the poem you and your neighbour come up with.

  5. I've had two “fish out of water” appear in recent sketches, one flying and one walking. Seems like there might be a story there somewhere… Thanks for your encouragement!

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