First Tulip Drawing

When I see a flower, tree, plant or person I particularly like, it always seems to dwarf and blur everything around it.

I did this watercolor, ink and colored pencil sketch to illustrate that idea.  I did some less vibrant drawings, trying to get away from using line, then I realized when I really like something, I kind of put a visual line around it, emphasize it, so my drawing will have to reflect my visual quirks and preferences.  The original is the size of a postcard and it’s instructive to see all the lines and blobs in full digital detail: I can see a dozen places I wish were more refined, but it’s time to move on.

Look around you in delight!


5 thoughts on “First Tulip Drawing

  1. Hi, Joy! I really, really like this tulip!! When I’ve gone to the store, particularly New Season, I’ve seen so many beautiful flowers and have wanted to buy some to take home, but then I always realize that when they are in “captivity,” they don’t last long. But YOUR tulip will last forever.

    Can you make a copy of it for me? Or is there a way I can make it a bit larger than postcard size? I’d love to put it on my wall. Jean

  2. This is really lovely, Joy. I like the clarity of the line work and the softness of the shading and blending of the colors within…it provides an interesting contrast. Thanks for sharing!

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