Joy At Bridge Meadows

I’ve had internet trouble for the past month and have been unable to post, but now things seem to be resolved (one never knows with all the the updates & various shenanigans of programs coupled with the unpredictability of equipment).  I think it’s fitting that I’m getting back on the information highway just when an article about Bridge Meadows was published in the the Portland Tribune.  Jennifer Anderson has followed Bridge Meadows since it was a dirt field.  She decided to interview me when she read my blog post on living here.  She is too kind to me and gives a great look at Bridge Meadows.  I’m proud to see my joyous cartoon made the the paper!

A friend of mine once told me, it’s a good thing you go by your middle name.  It just doesn’t have as much impact to say “Martha-ful.”  Here then is a Joy-ful article about my community.


2 thoughts on “Joy At Bridge Meadows

  1. This is fro 2012 and I can’t find the original in their archives. I’ll take the post down tomorrow. If you’d like to know more about Bridge Meadows, please go to Thanks!

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