Work of Heart in Progress Day Three

I made some great progress on my Work of Heart Doll today.  But first I wanted to share this link to an article about the Memphis Child Advocacy Center’s important work.

I’ve stitched and stuffed all but one leg of the doll I’m making for the Works of Heart Art Auction at the Memphis College of Art on February 12.  The last leg will be placed over a stanchion attached to the original wooden heart so the doll will stand up forever.  My husband is drilling it into place for his contribution to the project.

My favorite needle

I use a carbon steel curved needle that was given to me by a German doll maker some 10 years ago.  It’s just the right size for stitching the limbs and hair.

Silk brocade for the heart

I love both the red front and the gold back of this gorgeous butterfly print fabric.  I decided to make the dolls heart showing both.  You’ll only be able to see a little slice of the gold from the side view, but it’s a nice warm little detail.

The silk butterfly heart

I’ve made the limbs and fingers out of proportion to give the piece a gangly, tree-like appearance.  I haven’t quite decided how to do her hair, but I’ve got a bit of embroidery embellishment planned for her body, plus I’ll have some vines and leaves surrounding her.  I’m looking forward to what comes forth in the studio tomorrow.

Doll in waiting

And wait till you see her big rooty feet!

Here’s the link for the Works of Heart Auction

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