Work of Heart In Progress Day Two

I got all the hand stitching done for the Work of Heart Art doll.  (See preceding post for the details).  I tend to focus on the hands and head first when I start making a doll because if I’m going to have problems, that’s where they’ll be (isn’t that true of life?)

Here’s a picture of my hand stitching.  On delicate pieces like the fingers I always use a double stitch.

Neat little stitches on the front
Continuous reinforcement on the back

I spent a lot of today painting fabric leaves.  I want to use more of my own surfaces designs in my work rather than depending on the prints I can find.  These will be sewn together and embellished a bit.  I tried different thicknesses of paint and different background material to provide some variation.  And I finished the head and hands.

painted leaves, head and hands -- strange beginnings

Tomorrow I’ll work on armature, stuffing and construction.

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