Work of Heart in Progress Day Four

I got a late start today on my Work of Heart doll for the Memphis Child Advocacy Center and didn’t get as much finished as I’d have liked.  She’s really starting to take shape and develop a personality, though.  I got the hair on and the pose figured out.  She really wouldn’t conform to the original pose I’d sketched out, but wanted a more upward motion.  Her hands are so big they want to hold up the sky.

The Full pose
The hair is made of wool, acrylic and cotton
I love her rooty feet

There will be a lot of embellishment work tomorrow.  I’m going to put lots of green leaves and vines around her body.  I think I’ll call this piece “Spring from the Heart.”  I have a perfect butterfly to put in her hand — something I found at a thrift shop.

For more information on the Works of Heart art auction to benefit the Memphis Child Advocacy Center, follow this link

2 thoughts on “Work of Heart in Progress Day Four

  1. I love seeing this from the beginning plans to what she has become! I love the upward stretching hand, like a tree limb. Great ideas…I love her!

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