Box Turtle

Box Turtle

Shoo Rayner, the exuberant British illustrator, did a great lesson on staying inside the box — or getting the box in your head.   Draw hundreds of boxes!  Draw, draw, draw!  I took his advice.  I think taking time to draw has made me pace better and not get mover’s hysteria or extreme fatigue and arthritis flare ups.  I’ll see how it works moving day — the day after tomorrow!

It hasn’t been all packing and drawing, though. I finally finished Mr. Beardsley, a grandpa doll I’ve been working on for my friend Sara, a graphic & fabric designer at Saraink, and her son little Lincoln.  My husband was NOT the model — he just happens to have a beard.

My husband Jim checking Mr. Beardsley for huggability

Little Lincoln is only 17 months old and is already almost as tall as him mom.  Good thing Mr. Beardsley is rugged.

Sara & Lincoln & Mr. Beardsley

Now all the sewing supplies are packed (along with a few more unfinished projects).  Tomorrow the big journal and colored pencils go into a box and I’ll  have just the journal in my purse and the pens and pencils there — a mere half dozen.  I think I’ll survive.