Adventures in Transit

I have been writing little vignettes and stories for years now about my encounters using public transportation and on not driving in a car crazy society.  I keep thinking I should put them into some sort of collection but haven’t exactly figured out the best way to do it.  Yesterday I bought a new smaller size sketchbook/journal and my first entry was about an absurd and troubling encounter at the bus stop. My on-the-road sketches are very sloppy and rough, but a friend suggested I just start posting my journal pages as they are and not worrying so much if they’re good enough.  So here is a raw Adventure in Transit called THE PENCIL MAN.

What do you think? Was it too hard to read as a direct scan of my handwriting?  Should I type it out instead and just add the illustrations?  I like the immediacy of the entry but…
I’m not sure I like the smaller pages — my usual journal is 8.5 x 11.  I’ll see how this goes.
If you’d like to read more polished adventures in transit, you can find The Little Madonnas here, and Driving home here.
Any comments are appreciated and thanks for stopping by.