Bridge Meadows on PBS

Here is the link to the program I wrote about on this blog:
 Bridge Meadows Community on PBS
I’m linking this to my friends at Paint Party Friday.  I’ll be back to posting art next week.

Hi friends and blog followers.  I’ve been absent from blogging a lot longer than I intended, but I was in the

By Lily age 8

midst of two freelance jobs and couldn’t really work it into my schedule.  I’m in the process of writing a post about that, meanwhile, I got news today, April 15, that the PBS Newshour will be broadcasting a story on Bridge Meadows, the intergenerational community I live in.  Last month Cat Wise and her cameraman came out and shot a lot of footage of the elders, families and kids here, and interviewed a lot of us, including my husband and me.  So if you watch the Newshour, or even if you don’t, tune in tonight and see what intergenerational living is all about.

About two months after I moved here in 2012, I made the following observation on this blog: “I’ve met many of the elders (there are about 29 of us) — a wonderful and diverse group of young-at-heart optimists who all feel pretty lucky to be in this intentional community built to support families adopting foster children.
I feel this sense among us that we can help patch up a small tear in society.  

Instead of just being “low-income” seniors, I feel we are now contributing members of society.  It’s both a subtle and grand shift in self-perception.  We are now teachers, friends, aunties, grandparents, musicians, neighbors, uncles, writers, counselors — all more than a statistic or a hard-luck story.  There are so many creatives and support people, it’s hard to figure out what my contribution will be — but whatever it is, I know I’ll get plenty of support.  I’m also pretty sure I’m going to learn more from the kids than they’ll learn from me.  Plus it’s a work in progress, this community.  It only opened in April of 2011, and is only one of 3 in the entire county. That gives it a fresh, shiny sheen of optimism.”

Bridge Meadows Neighbors

I’m providing a link to a post I wrote in September about working with one of the boys here on art and repair, called Godzilla’s Prosthesis.  He and I are in the process of making a cardboard robot now, so expect more on that soon.  Meanwhile, thanks for reading my blog.