Unexpected Results

I’ve been experimenting with little canvases and fauvism, a style of art I love.  I love the work of Portland, OR, artist Trina Hesson, who, among other things, does faces on small canvases and boards.

I like not being limited to the local color.  But I’ve felt many of my attempts at using unrealistic color always made the painting look like a big old mess.

With these little canvases, 5×7″, I’ve started out without any real goals, except to play with color.  The size is non-threatening.  I like the idea of being free of skin tones.  When I was making fabric sculptures, I hardly ever used skin tones.  They could be any race, they could be just figures anyone could identify with.

dream guide
Dream Guide

With these little paintings, I’ve used mostly dark colors:

Let Your Dreams Guide You
Peer Pressure
Is there a color that would make me safe?

I decided this week to work with lighter colors.   It was a terrible week — shootings, ICE arrests, and a deepening feeling of division around me.  So much unnecessary sorrow.  I’m shocked almost daily by  how well the “divide and conquer” political strategy still works.  I also had a discussion with a person I know who has a very rigid attitude about who is to blame and why.  That all crept into my latest 5×7″:

If you just admitted I was right, we wouldn’t have these problems!

I use art as a window or a door into the imagination and out of this fragmented world.  I don’t often do directly political pieces, but it’s hard not to.   I hope this one is political and humorous.  Her frustration that people don’t see she’s right.  The imperious stare over the glasses — a look many of us of a certain age look out at the world with.  It makes me laugh.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately.  What do you think?


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