The Pop Up Book Exhibit is Here!

The Pop Up Book Exhibit is here! 23 Sandy gallery is now filled with the most amazing book sculptures and paper cuttings. For those of you not in Portland, the attached website has a preview of the catalog with more pictures to come later. I saw it today and I plan to go back a few times. I want to take all my frien ds, even my imaginary ones–it’s just that good.

23 Sandy Gallery • Portland, Oregon.

23 Sandy Gallery • Portland, Oregon

Any time I want to feel a bit reflective and dreamlike, I know I can find something at the 23 Sandy Gallery to take me there.  They have wonderful handmade books, broadsides and art.  Their most recent installation exhibit is an amazing mix of poetry, nature and shadows.  The shadowy poetic parts are transcendent, but the hair art pulls you back into the earth.  I’m very impressed by the poems of Kathleen Flowers etched into glass and magnolia leaves so you read the shadows.

This show is only up one more week, so go if you get a chance and keep going back.  Each month a new exhibit and a new dream.

23 Sandy Gallery • Portland, Oregon.