A Small Book of Cats

You may have noticed I’ve been posting a lot of cat drawings on my facebook page lately.  The drawings were practice for a little book I made for a friend’s birthday present.  I got this little Moleskine booklet envelope at Powells some time ago.

It was so cool, but I never could think of who or what to write in it, until I started missing my friend and her long tailed orange cat.  It’s been delivered. My friend loves it, her cat is unimpressed.  Here’s a look at it:

Front Envelope

Back Envelope

Envelope open

Front of book-An Oligarchy of Orange (Oh, oh) And the happiest homes where women dance they shall attract beloved orange cats — Bastet

1st spread-Sacrificial Offerings are NOT optional

2nd spread – you know you can’t resist us

3rd Spread – Cat Chaos Theory

Last Page – You will never be alone

I found out I rather liked drawing cats, so I will probably continue to do so.

Thanks to all those who made suggestion and gave feedback on earlier drawings.  You’re the cat’s pajamas!

I’m linking this to the Paint Party Friday site. See a lot of creative stuff then go make some art today.