My Facebook page is blocked

Not Part of the Plan by Joy Murray

This weekend, my facebook account was both hacked and blocked. The hacker somehow got into my information and changed my contact email and phone number. So after I figured out the difficult process of how to report it to facebook, they wouldn’t do anything anyway, because they had a different email than mine. They won’t accept my phone number either. So after over a dozen years of friendships and sharing, I am off Facebook now.

I’ve been frantically changing all my passwords and trying to make the programs I use more secure.

Another frustrating thing is that I’m afraid the hackers are posting and messaging as me, and screwing up other people’s accounts. I don’t understand why anti-hacking isn’t more of a priority of the Metaverse but there’s not a lot I can do about it.

If you are a facebook friend of mine, please unfriend me. And don’t take facebook Joy’s messages or advice. She’s evil. (I guess I do have a sort of evil twin now.)

I’ve thought about quitting facebook lately for their weird algorithms. I also don’t get information from friends — it’s all become so random and tic-tocky. I kept at it because I have friends from all over the world I won’t hear from otherwise. It also cuts down on the isolation of having mobility and transportation problems. And I often find out about events I wouldn’t have heard of otherwise — though not as consistently as I used to.

I’ll probably post more on the blog now, and you can leave comments for me here. You can subscribe to the blog and it’ll be sent to your email address.

Thanks to all of you who have followed me on facebook all these years. So many times you’ve brightened gloomy days.

Keep safe and change your passwords often.

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She Came Back as a Tree, by Joy Murray


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18 thoughts on “My Facebook page is blocked

  1. So sorry to hear- a similar thing happened to me. Pray about it and perhaps a solution will be given.

    Take are! Brenda J Hale Alice Faye’s friend – now in VA

  2. I have unfriended you as you requested. Hope you will get the Facebook problems resolved but I’ve heard from others that it isn’t easy . Courage! 😘

    Envoyé de mon iPhone


  3. Hi, Joy. I did unfriend you at your request. Please keep me on your blog list. If you take up FB again, of course I want to be your friend. Your posts brighten my day. Linnea

  4. Mine got hacked 3 years ago and I still haven’t been able to get any help from Fakebook to get back on it! I feel your Pain My Friend! I can’t even post on my of George Finney Painting page.

    1. I like that “fakebook” I think in the long run for me, it’ll be better to be off social media. I really hate how they manipulate us and don’t protect us from hackers and spam. We’ll all keep painting in spite of them.

    1. FB’s become a frustrating thing. It’ll be good to find new ways to get information and keep in touch with friends. I hope you are doing well. And if you haven’t already, you can subscribe to my blog.

      1. I couldn’t figure out how to quit Instagram so I’m just not using it. They’ll delete the account after a long period of in activity. Or so they say.

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