2021 in Paintings

I didn’t get as many paintings done as I would have liked this year, but since I was sick in September and most of October, I still feel like I did enough. I like putting together end of the year lists and collections, because I can look back and see that I actually added to the creative spirit of the world, even if some days and weeks I didn’t get anything done.

We live in a culture that is very production oriented, and I like to make goals and schedules, but often as not, life interferes. The arts and creativity don’t work that way anyway. As I look back over the year and the problems and strife we’ve all had to deal with, it’s amazing anything was created at all. But creatives keep creating, opening our eyes, inspiring us, and reminding us of beauty, individuality, and hope. Creative work is always hopeful, it’s an investment in the future, even it’s only in our own small life. A schedule, a practice, is a good thing, but we have to be flexible when life doesn’t allow us to stay rigidly in our schedule. And part of the creative process is just thinking about things, looking at things, and processing things.

This year, I started out by making gift paintings for the people who support me on Patreon. I was enchanted by moonflowers, so I did a small series of paintings of them.

Moonflowers in Nandina Bush

I did two portraits this year, both of Memphis creatives who have passed away:

Etheridge Knight, Memphis Poet, Teacher and inspiration to generations
Lou Bond, one of the few acoustic musicians recorded by Stax records, 1945-2013

My biggest painting this year, 30×40″, was on our obsession with new devices, our ignorance about cyber-trash, and about conflict metals:


I also painted 3 more pieces for my Look Closer: Disability and Sensuality series:

The Color of Air
Ever After
She Unlocked her Door

So, a good collection for 2021, I think. What do you think?

I feel like I’m growing with each painting. And I so appreciate your support and thank you for following my blog. I have added some of these paintings to my Redbubble print shop (see link below) if you’d like to get cards or copies of them.


Thanks for reading my blog. Feel free to share it, if you’d like.

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5 thoughts on “2021 in Paintings

  1. Your year seems so rich- I feel what you are saying- each painting takes you to a new, better place- the evolution of Joy. Thank you for sharing.💖

  2. Your year seems so rich- I feel what you are saying- each painting takes you to a new, better place- the evolution of Joy. Thank you for sharing.💖

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