Opposite Paintings

I finished two paintings that I’d been working on a few weeks, one a commission and one that I had started a while back for the Day of the Dead season.

The first celebrates abundance and gratitude. This is one of four I’ve done now, each unique but each featuring the tree and figure and abundance falling gently upon them. This one was commissioned for an older woman. Unfortunately my picture of it is a little blurred. It’s hard for me to photograph this size painting 36″x12″

Abundance by Joy Murray, mixed media (The seeds she planted will always blossom)

The second painting is of the opposite of this state of gratitude: it’s an interpretation of the Hungry Ghost, a state of being in Eastern and Buddhist beliefs and folklore that is considered the worst, to always to be always hungry. It is a way of interpreting the misery of greed, addiction, and dissatisfaction with one’s lot in life. This painting is about greed — a once beautiful woman turned monstrous by the need for more and more riches.

Hungry Ghost by Joy Murray, gold and silver foil, acrylic paint and ink, 8×10″

I am working on some more pieces for the day of the dead, (most more celebratory) and am getting ready for an open studio that I’ll have on Saturday, October 24, from 4-8 p.m. Timothy Allen will be showing work and we’ll have some of Frankd Robinson’s pieces, too.

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