New Painting

I sometimes see people that look so interesting that I want to paint them.  I’ve been to shy to ask, but last week, I saw a man and I did it — I asked a stranger if I could take a picture of him so I could paint him.  He said that’d be fine.  We exchanged phone numbers so I could text him the work when I finished it.

Here’s the photo:

Deago with the golden dreds/braids

Here’s a sketch I did to get a good feel for the structure of his face:



And here is the painting.  It’s 8×10″.  I was thinking a lot about how Black people, and Black men in particular, are still the target of so much violence from white people.  How all of us have to fight racism and violence.   So while I painted, I decided to turn him into a saint.  We are all in this together, we can all be saints.  It’s not a perfect likeness, but I enjoyed painting him.

Saint Deago 


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3 thoughts on “New Painting

  1. This has really captured more than just his hair and mouth. It has a feeling. Thanks for sharing Joy.

  2. Thank you. I saw a lot in his expression. He told me he had some Native American ancestors, so that added a bit to the shape of his face. I’m glad I made the effort to capture his portrait.

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