First Flying Turtle of 2020

The flying turtle is a personal spirit animal I invented about a decade ago.  I’ve always had the turtle as a spirit animal.  I identify with the turtle or tortoise for 3 reasons.  I’m slow, but I get there; I carry my entire house with me when I travel (you should see my purse.  When I used a walker, I told people I didn’t need the walker so much as wheels for my purse.)  And finally, when I go into my shell, you can’t make me come out.

I have other spirit animals — foxes, monkeys — and I identify deeply with trees.  I often draw or paint the flying turtle when I feel like I’m too ground down by my fate, or insecure.  So this is the first one this year.

Fly! by Joy Murray, 8×10″ acrylic and ink on stretched canvas

This and many other pieces will be at the art show “Shards of Color and Other Broken Things,” at 430 N Cleveland on March 13 and 14, 2020, 5-8 pm.   I’ll show my work along with Frankd Robinson, Darlene Newman, M., and TheOuterCircle.  Mark Allen will play guitar.


Red Rain
Red Rain by M.
so grateful by Darlene Newman
Gratitude by Darlene New Man
Untitled by TheOuterCircle
Untitled by Frankd Robinson

If you’re in Memphis, I hope to see you there.  Contact me if you have any questions.


This blog is brought to you by the generosity of people who support me on Patreon , buy my art, and who support me in so many different ways.

Cards and prints on some of my art is available on Redbubble.

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4 thoughts on “First Flying Turtle of 2020

  1. Have you read much of Terry Pratchett’s work? There’s a novel, actually several, which feature a turtle diety and a ‘theology’ in which the world travels on the back of a turtle…

    1. I haven’t read much of Terry Pratchett. But there are lots of mythological turtles I’ve read about through American Indigenous tales, and world mythology. I’ll look up Pratchett. He might be a good read during our housebound days. Thanks!

      1. Yes, I love all of the turtle mythology too!! Pratchett is a good read, lighthearted, if you hadn’t read his work I didn’t want you to miss the cheer in it – especially given your awareness of turtle mythology it may add to the fun. “Small Gods” by Terry Pratchett is the most turtle-y fun. 😄 Vintage Books in Vancouver WA can mail it to you.

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