In the Shadow of the Moon

I painted a portrait of artist Frankd Robinson a few months ago.  I’ve wanted to paint a companion piece that showed his features more, and I did.  But I didn’t like it.  I had it on my wall for a long time, and the more I looked at it, the less I thought it said.  So I finally took it down and repainted it.  I finished it yesterday and added a few touches this morning.

In the Shadow of the Moon, by Joy Murray,  9×12″, acrylic on canvas

I wanted to honor the shadows and light that comes from having chronic health challenges.  This is how the two paintings look like together:

In the Shadow of the Moon, and Something About Your Light, by Joy Murray

It’s really my nature to make portraits and art with a bit of magic and myth added.  The mystery of what we are challenged with in life, and how we cope, the potential spiritual growth, and how we respond when we are trapped in the cage of illness, where we are surprised to find ourselves in the midst of sacred transformation.

I also think it’s a good idea to sit with a painting (or any kind of art) that you feel isn’t right.  Maybe it is, and you need time to see what you actually created instead of what you wanted to create.  Other times, you finally see what is missing in the painting.  Then you begin again and often you get it right.

You can read more about the painting “Something About Your Light” and Frankd Robinson’s art here.


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