Evergreen Duo

I have been experimenting with making a kind of monoprint, where I paint one layer on a canvas, then smush it onto another.  I put the paint on thickly, but some of it dries before I make the transfer.  So I paint more on the printed one, then smush them together again.  I did many layers on this one, and though it didn’t turn out as textured as I wanted, I think the two of them have a nice winter forest look.  I made them look different, and put a bird on each one.

Evergreen Forest 1, 8×10″, acrylic on canvas by Joy Murray
Evergreen Forest 2, by Joy Murray

They’re distinct enough alone, but they also look good hung together.


I’m going to play around with different papers and supports for this technique.  It’s a fun way to find new ways paint can be used.


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2 thoughts on “Evergreen Duo

  1. Hi Joy, I like these paintings.  For me, they capture the density of a thick evergreen forest with snow thickly falling, and snow a foot high on the ground.  So beautiful, so silent, except for the occasional whump of a clump of snow falling off a tree.  It brings back glorious times cross country skiing in Montana. Warmly, Susan

  2. Thank you, Susan. I haven’t gotten to spend much time in evergreen forests, but I see them in nature documentaries and photographs. They seem to be as you described them. Glad you liked these paintings. Hope all is well with you.

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