Treasure Shared

I finished another of my Cardboard Cathedral series.  I made this one specifically for my older sister.  All 5 children in my family had a rough childhood, but I think she got the worst of it.  Yet, she has become a kind and generous person.  She’s held on to her heart and has been so helpful to any of her brothers and sisters who have needed it.  She’s been supportive of both my art and my son’s art.  So I figured in the season of giving, I’d create for her a piece that reflects both her rough beginnings (the cardboard), and her generous nature.

Shared Treasure, 18×24″, Mixed Media, by Joy Murray  “She Shared Every Treasure She Found”


Shared Treasure, detail
Shared Treasure, detail
Shared Treasure, detail
Shared Treasure, detail
Shared Treasure, detail

People think wealth and luxury will make them happy.  A life of poverty and turmoil seems unbearable.  But I grew up with it, and I know so many who have survived such strife, grown up in it, grown strong.  You lose a lot of the fear and greed that plagues some people, you know you can survive.  If you get the chance, you can give back to your family, your community.  I have used found objects and broken jewelry in this painting, but the real treasure is the spirit of giving, forgiving, and having compassion for others.  I’m so grateful to have a sister who has shared my early life experiences and that we have each other.

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