Dog Days Drawings

Yesterday, I thought about how the nights are getting shorter, which is why my moonflowers are blooming.  But it’s still summer — hot days, but pleasant evenings, made more so by the blooming that continues around me.

Moonflower, Moon, and Sirius, the dog star of summer’s heat

Today, while I had my morning coffee on the porch, I watched the crepe myrtle across the street release its blossoms, warm pink snow.  Soon it’ll lose all its flowers and its summer work will be done.  I sketched it quickly with watercolor pencils then released the lines with a water brush.


I’m not sure I’m happy with the way the watercolor pencils worked.  I may try again with watercolors or acrylic.

I’ve seen golden leaves here and there, but we have at least a month of hot weather and sweet sultry mornings and flowers and vibrant nature.  I hope you are enjoying these last days of August, in spite of all that may be distracting us from the thread of beauty that weaves together life.


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