August 21 Daily Draw

Moonflowers, watercolor and ink on paper, Joy Murray

I grew moonflowers on my porch this year — big fragrant white flowers that bloom at dusk then fade away the next day.  I’ve taken lots of pictures and done some pencil sketches of them, but decided this morning to do an ink and watercolor drawing — from pictures of the blooms and the faded flowers.  White flowers are a challenge to draw and paint, but I tried to capture my love for them.

I was worried they wouldn’t bloom for a while because they grew long vines over the summer but no buds.  I thought I might have planted them in too small of a pot.  It’s only in August that they started to bloom.  Now I get a few beauties each night.  Me and the mosquitoes love them.  I have about fifty buds, but I’m trying not to dread the time when they stop blooming and enjoy their temporary beauty and lovely structure.

The drawing and photographs will keep me company when their season is over.  I look so closely at them, they will also bloom forever in my dreams.

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