Visual Journal: Hat Fun

It’s full on summer here in Memphis — sunny days and days in the 90s.  A dear friend took me to get a summer hat, to protect my neck and face from burning and also from frying my brain while I waited on buses or took excursions around the neighborhood.  I was dressed in red and I found a wonderful hat with a wide brim that was red and white.

I planned to do a simple ink and wash self-portrait with my Uniball Vision Elite pen with a lovely brownish red ink, but it turned out to be waterproof.


So I got out my Acryla gouache red, white and blue, and did a limited palette portrait.  I have become quite attached to Acryla gouache.  It can behave like watercolor when thinned down, but because it’s acrylic, the layers stay put and I don’t muddy up colors.

So the result is this Hat Fun in the Summer Time selfie:

Hat fun in the summer time by Joy Murray

Bring it on summer, I’ve got a hat big enough for that.


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