Visual Journal May 24

It used to be very important to completely finish a visual journal entry in one day — something quick and done in an hour or so.  Now I’m not so strict with myself.  Here’s a watercolor and ink entry I worked on over several days.  I started it on May 19 while watching the hibiscus start to curl up as evening set in. I’ve done it every evening when it’s possible and not raining.  Such a delight to watch them fold up at night.

Pencil, ink, then watercolor and a bit of acrylic.

05-24 hibiscus
May Hibiscus by Joy Murray

I’m the kind person who looks at a detail and the rest of the world will disappear — so I’m figuring out ways to reflect that in my art.

Then again, this year my commitment is to learn not to restrict myself, just follow inspiration.  Sometimes it leads to a floating hibiscus bloom.


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