Waking Up the Body with Matthew Sanford

I’m reblogging this review because I wanted to share the wisdom of creating a healing story and working to transcend the limits of the body:

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Among other things, I am re-reading the book Waking by Matthew Sanford.  It’s such a gift to those of us who have paralyzed parts — it gives me such a profound respect for the parts of my body that aren’t working, and also for the struggles I’ve had to endure in my family life.  
I have seen several wonderful photographic images lately of flowers wilting and losing their leaves, but I always want there to be one more image — that of the seed growing.  It comes clearer to me as I observe and experience life that with every change there is a new beginning.  Sometimes it’s excruciating to get from one phase of life to the next — and you never look the same.  But if you hold on to your soul, you will arrive.  I hang on to all my bad experiences, not out of bitterness anymore, but…

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