The Dream Hut Stories

Since January, I’ve had the pleasure of working with a the makers of the modern playhouse, the Dream Hut:

It’s an indoor playhouse, designed to unfold and then fold back up. It has a great European design and can be converted into a desk and wardrobe.  It has magnetic scenes that can be changed, a tablet portal as well as a chalk board. It’s both modern and traditional and has a bit of the magic wardrobe feel to it.  It was also rated one of the best playhouses in the US:

The part I played was in helping write stories and essays on values that are a free download for anyone who wants them.  The stories are a part of the 12 LESSONS FOR GREATNESS, that they want available to help families teach values, and also to encourage families to spend time together reading.  The 12 lessons are on optimism; curiosity; patience; imagination; courage; enthusiasm; honesty; a sense of humor; adaptability; idealism; knowledge; and communication.

They’ve written about the project on their blog.   Since we’re down to the last two values, they’ve started doing some promotion, so I thought I’d share this link with  you:

Yuhu and Hugs are characters with boundless imaginations but who also have to deal with real world challenges like being sick, not getting their way, and being deceived. The essays give parents a way to promote family values; and the stories show how the kids put values into action.  And they have fun doing so.  The values are not dogmatic or religious — they are what we need to live better lives and achieve our own personal greatness.

For the stories, I’ve gotten feedback from the children I work with at Bridge Meadows on the adventures of Yuhu and Hugs.  From these stories, and the children in my neighborhood, I learn over and over again the beauty of the motto, Play more, be more!

I am working on our last two values.  Meanwhile, you can start getting your downloads here:

Here’s a video of how the Dream Hut works:

Thanks for visiting and let me know what you think 🙂

One thought on “The Dream Hut Stories

  1. It is clear–from your writing, your art, and your life at Bridge Meadows–that you know how to play and give back from what you learn. It's been wonderful to experience this vicariously through your blog and Fb posts, and I've gained a lot. Thanks Joy!

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