Drawing Perseverance

One of the great things about keeping a sketchbook is that you can work out ideas before you try a Big Important Work.  Often when I get my best paper out for a Painting, I wind up with a big disaster.  In the sketchbook, I can only make little disasters and they are easier to cope with.  It’s like the writing process — you write a terrible draft, then start revising and then you can sometimes make a decent story.

I want to paint koi fish so I found a nice photograph and drew and painted.  The result felt stiff, not like the fluid fish I was trying to capture.

I read about koi and looked at some more photos and decided to do some more sketches.  I let go of my desire to be accurate and then I think I got a more accurate picture of the spirit of koi.

If I have the perseverance to practice drawing for 100 years, maybe I’ll be given some great magic, too.  Until then, I’m content to make whatever discoveries I can on the journey.

Thanks for reading my blog.

I’m linking this to Dion Dior’s Friday Sketches.

3 thoughts on “Drawing Perseverance

  1. The koi are some of the most beautiful fish. You certainly have captures not only their color and shape but their action and movement as well. Your sketch book is very impressive. I love your dragon Koi too. LOL

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