The Tale She Spun Watercolor Painting

I had a lot of spiders on my porch in August and September. Some of the kids in my neighborhood came by and we told stories, spinning new realities. I started thinking about how the tales we tell seem to spin out a life of their own. So this painting emerged from those thoughts. And of course, this is the season for celebrating spiders and our relationships with story, history, the here and the hereafter.

The background has words written in gold, bronze and silver metallic gel ink about spinning stories.
8.5 x 11″

Watercolor, ink and metallic gel pens on 100% cotton Stonehenge 125 lb paper. All archival acid free materials used.

This painting is for sale on Etsy for $40.  This painting sold but you can check my etsy shop for more orinal pieces.

Thanks for looking!

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